A 4 star hotel near Tours in France

You are looking for a hotel near Tours, you want to enjoy a relaxing moment, you appreciate the beauty of a natural environment and the comfort of a luxury hotel near Tours... Let yourself be charmed by Château Laroche Ploquin.

A hotel restaurant in the surroundings of Tours in France

If you are a tourist in the Tourangaine region, once you have visited the city of Tours, you will certainly want to discover what the Tourraine region has to offer in terms of "nature" and "architecture" without having to drive long hours. Choosing a château hotel near Tours, such as the Hotel Laroche Ploquin is an asset if you want to enjoy a charming wooded and peaceful setting while being less than fifty kilometres from the city centre. You will thus enjoy a night in a hotel near Tours, easy access and guaranteed peace and quiet.

In addition, if you live in Tours and want to organise a romantic weekend getaway, book a night or two in a luxury hotel near Tours. This will allow you to quickly reach a place where you can disconnect from your week and access the change of scenery without delay.

Château Laroche Ploquin, the ideal place to stay in France near Tours

Hotel Laroche Ploquin is a perfect solution for one or more nights in a luxury hotel near Tours. This top-of-the-range castle hotel will charm you with its activities.

For the "nature" side, know that staying in our hotel near Tours, like Château Laroche Ploquin allows horseback riding enthusiasts to come with their horses and have a stable and a rest area. In addition, the shuttle bus from the Laroche Ploquin hotel and restaurant serves the nearby riding school. This is one of the many advantages offered by the Laroche Ploquin hotel and restaurant near Tours.

In addition, between July and September, apple picking is organized. You will have the pleasure of tasting the fruit of your harvest and taking it with you.

If you wish to fish, the lake of the estate is a perfect place for this activity.

To hunt, the estate adjoining Château Laroche Ploquin will be fully accessible to you.

Staying in the hotel restaurant near Tours Laroche Ploquin will also provide you with all the "comfort" you need. Its rooms and suites are spacious and equipped with all the modern equipment required in a 4-star establishment.

You can also enjoy breakfast buffets, the restaurant's semi-gastronomic menu for lunches and dinners as well as the lounge bar.

So, remember to book at Hôtel Laroche Ploquin for your stays in Tours if you are looking for an establishment that combines nature and great comfort. Château Laroche Ploquin, a luxury hotel and restaurant near Tours, guarantees you an exceptional moment.

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